Dragon's Alligator's Tooth


One day Alligator goes to Dragon's house to give him a bongo lesson. Suddenly, Alligator starts to feel a big pain....Dragon worries that his bongo playing is so bad it 's making Alligator's ears hurt...but it isn't Dragon's playing...it's Alligator's tooth and it starts to ache more and more. Dragon decides he has to do something to make Alligator's tooth less sore - but nothing works. A bit later Alligator's tooth is still sore, but now it's feeling loose, as well. The loose tooth makes a funny whistling sound whenever Alligator tries to talk. Dragon figures Alligator doesn't want his tooth to fall out , so Dragon tries to think of ways to keep the tooth in. After trying lots of wacky but not very effective ways to keep the tooth in Alligator explains it's a baby tooth and a new one will grow in its place once it falls out, anyway. Alligator starts to get excited about his new tooth and now he and Dragon try to come up with a way to make the loose one fall out! Dragon is very happy to be able to help his friend in any way he can. Dragon tries to rescue Alligator from his tooth ache.