Cone Head/Magic Lamp/Best in Show/Patience Lucas


Cone Head
Lucas has had an ear infection and shows up wearing a plastic cone around his neck so that his head is encased inside and he can’t scratch his ear. The cone is driving him quite mad as he really wants to scratch! He tries to get the others to help him take it off but they know he has to wear it to get better. They try to distract him with a series of funny games and activities to take him mind off it - and the distraction works. In fact, when they play a tight rope game the cone keeps him looking straight ahead which helps him keep his balance. He realizes that maybe it isn’t so bad after all!
Theme: Friendships and distractions help others feel better

Magic Lamp
Lucas is having a very bad day. To cheer him up Koda pretends a lamp he digs up is magic and that it will grant Lucas wishes. Lucas wishes for easy things like a new treat at snack time – and the others help make his wishes come true. Soon he really believes the lamp is magic and all he has to do is wish for something for it to happen. The others decide they have to tell him the truth. They explain that they just pretended the lamp was magic in order to make his day better. Lucas says it doesn’t matter because he doesn’t need a magic lamp anyway. It wasn’t magic that made his bad day turn good - it was his great friends!
Theme: Telling the truth and friendship.

Best in Show
Daisy drops in for the day and proudly shows the others the medal she won at a dog show. Lili convinces everyone that it would be fun to have a Dog Show at the daycare and Daisy agrees to be the judge. But as the show approaches, each of the dogs loses confidence. Pedro thinks his eyebrows are too thick. Koda thinks his fur isn’t shiny enough. Suki thinks her shape is too square. Lili, who feels very confidant, encourages everyone, making them all feel special in their own way. Daisy awards Lili a medal, not for how she looks and walks etc, but for the kindness she showed the others as they prepared for the show.
Theme: Showing kindness and everyone is special in their own way.

Patience Lucas
Lucas is so impatient he finds it hard to wait his turn and or even count all the way to ten when playing hide and seek! Lili suggests they give Lucas ‘patience lessons’. They set up a series of funny situations to train him, but nothing works. It’s only when his impatience results in everyone missing a kite demonstration at the park that he begins to see the light and realizes that it’s important to be patient. Back at the day school, he sets up a kite flying game and waits patiently for his turn.
Theme: Developing patience

Cone Head/Magic Lamp/Best in Show/Patience Lucas