All About Glue


Glue is part of our daily lives, but oddly,  it is at the heart of a vast unknown scientific problem. A physicist, a chemist and a researcher in mechanics provide three approaches to understanding the mechanisms of adhesion.

We have all been faced with difficulties when trying to glue things down. Using different experiments, the researchers explain why it works does or not.

What is the physical adhesion phenomena involved in the process? What is the ideal formula for good glue?
The physical and chemical properties of adhesives are very specific. Glue needs to be liquid while combining some viscoelasticity and ability to solidify.

For a long time, man has tried various methods: the mixture of honey, egg white and yolk used in the first scrolls to casein used in the early days of aviation, or rubber. Then in the 20's the arrival of plastics revolutionized bonding techniques allowing chemists to follow new directions, including polymers ...

All About Glue