The Clean Machine


In business it's easy to lose your shirt and more... Today nobody gets rich dreaming and scamming. Now it's a question of hard work and of course, good management! For spoiled 12-year-old Charles, that means finding younger kids to do all the work and showing up to collect the money. His dynamo best friend and business associate, Ben on the other hand, has a different approach. He believes that advertising, marketing, good bookkepping and customer satisfaction will lead to achievement of long term goals. They are also the best way he knows to help his single-parent father get out of their less than luxurious lifestyle. When the two boys take on a third partner, budding filmmaker Maggie, who shoots their first video commercial, business starts to boom. But with a least two very different ''management styles'' at the head of The Clean Machine, the neighbourhourhood kids may not find it so easy to become the wheeler-dealers of their dreams. A comedy in the purest ''cents'' of the word.