China with Jiang Yue


Jiang Yue is twelve years old and lives in Shanghai. In this big, modern city, Chinese traditions are still being preserved. Jiang Yue goes to discover the typical sites. The first stop is a traditional market where Jiang Yue admires the works of a master calligrapher, religious statues, glass and ceramic objects. Then Jiang Yue visits one of the jewels of the city, the Oriental TV Tower that culminates at 350 meters high. Back to tradition and the heart of the old city where Jiang Yue attends a Buddhist ceremony. When night falls, before dinner, Jiang Yue brings us to a local market to discover other traditional things. She sits down to eat in front of a turning table for a feast she well deserves. After dinner, Jiang Yue wants to show us two other traditions: the tea ceremony in one of Shanghai’s oldest buildings and a classical Chinese opera. It is time for Jiang Yue to go home!