Change and Butterflies


The Great Spirit tells the children a time of change is coming, that the world will soon be different. He then asks the children if they would like to grow up and have children of their own? The children would like this but first he assigns a task to them to learn about change, growth and responsibility. In his hand are 4 cocoons. He tells the children that their gifts will be revealed after they take care of and guard the cocoons until he comes back the following year. After Great Spirit leaves, the children almost immediately forget about the cocoons and Eagle spends an entire year frantically trying to keep track of them for the children. Finally a year passes and the Great Spirit returns. Eagle presents him with the cocoons and when he holds them to his mouth and blows on them, hundreds of beautiful shimmering butterflies emerge and everyone is in awe. Great Spirit gives them butterflies to remind Eagle and the people that there is beauty in everything, even change.