Cat's new Trick


Dragon admires a poster of a poodle jumping through a hoop. Wow! Dragon could teach Cat some tricks too! He concocts a series of goofy Cat-friendly tricks, but nothing piques Cat’s interest. What if Cat could speak another language, like “dog”? Dragon howls, to show her. Beaver knocks at the door to see what’s going on. Dragon explains his attempts to teach Cat a new trick. Beaver suggests that a very impressive trick would be to see Cat on a scooter. Dragon thinks Beaver’s idea is wonderful. Alligator is happy to help and digs out his scooter. He rolls past Cat and Dragon. Behold! Dragon figures Cat might be intimidated, so he shows Cat that if a dragon can learn how to ride a scooter, so can a cat. He zips back and forth and spins to a stop. Cat does not look interested at all. Dragon gives up and scratches her head; she purrs in response… That’s it! Dragon and Cat could do a song together. Dragon scratches a rhythm on Cat’s head and she purrs following the same rhythm. Alligator gets his bongos and plays along. Now that is a great trick!