Cat's Blanket


One day Dragon decides to wash Cat’s blanket. When he’s done, he hangs it out on the line to dry. While Cat is playing, Dragon decides the laundry must be dry, so he goes outside to take it down, but to his horror, Cat’s blanket isn’t there. It must have blown away in the wind. Luckily, Alligator comes over just in time to help Dragon look for the blanket. They come across Beaver who saw the blanket, but they can’t find it. Nor can Mailmouse or Ostrich. They all saw it at one point or another, but now they can’t find it anywhere. Dragon knows that Cat will be ready for her nap soon, so he goes back to his house, ready to tell her the truth. But Dragon can’t find Cat, where is she? He finally sees her all curled up on her blanket, slowly falling asleep. The blanket was carried by the wind, right back into Dragon’s yard! That was close!