Cat's Birthday


Dragon realizes that Cat’s birthday is approaching, and decides to throw Cat a little birthday party. There’s only one small problem – he’s not sure what kind of birthday party a cat should have. So Dragon heads out to consult with his pals. Alligator has a great idea – he thinks Cat needs a special birthday song. Dragon then talks to Mailmouse, who recommends a nice fish-shaped cake made out of mooshed up sardines. Ostrich suggests special cat games. Dragon finally visits Beaver who builds a new toy for Cat. Dragon wraps up her new toy, makes the fishy cake, and decorates the house for the big party. All his pals arrive, and the party begins. It’s a pretty good party, except… Cat really would prefer to be napping. Dragon and his friends are a little disappointed. But then… Cat spots the discarded, crumbled up wrapping paper, and pounces! She loves the crinkly sound and the way the paper moves – she starts to happily play with the paper, having a wonderful time. Dragon is delighted – it looks like this has turned out to be the best birthday Cat’s ever had!