Cat on the Mat/Too Hot to Trot/Pirate Vlad/Where's Rosie's Hat


Cat on the Mat
An empty box big enough for one arrives at the day school. Everyone wants to play with it so they decide to have a competition. Whoever can get past Lois the cat and into the pet store can play with the box first. They all have a great time trying to outwit Lois.
Theme: Simple things can be fun

Too Hot to Trot
It’s very hot out and poor Koda is having a difficult time trying to cool down. IT turns out Huskies don’t shed and their coats are heavy even in summer. The others try to help him shed his fur but in the end, a spray of cool water from the hose does the job.
Theme: Helping others

Pirate Vlad
Vlad the actor/stunt dog returns for the day. He’s just done a pirate movie and insists in staying in his character – One-Eyed Vlad (he wears an eye-patch)! After he tells the other dogs about his exciting experience, they ALL want to be pirates!! Its fun until Vlad insists they stay in character – all day. But soon, the game becomes too serious and they don’t have fun anymore.
Theme: Games should be fun

Where's Rosie's Hat
Rosie’s new straw hat goes missing and the dogs try hard to help her find it. Lucas has all sorts of unusual notions about where it could be, that the others find very silly. But in the end, it’s Lucas imaginative thinking that leads them to finding the hat, which had fallen under a bush.
Theme: Using your imagination