Carnival/Home for Hank/Lili & Lulu/A Big Change


Lili is jealous of Pedro because he’s going to Carnival. But Pedro wishes he didn’t have to go. He’s worried he won’t like it. The Dogs make a Carnival l at the school, complete with a float and little parade. Lili gets to experience Carnival and Pedro realises it will be fun and stops worrying about going.
Theme: Jealousy, Trying new things

Home for Hank
At the park, the gang meets a scruffy looking dog named Hank. After having a great time playing with him they discover he’s a homeless stray. They decide to do everything they can to find him a home and with Rosie’s help, they succeed.
Theme: Helping others in need

Lili & Lulu
Lili is upset when her family decides to get a new little puppy. But when the puppy spends an afternoon at the Day School, Lili learns that having a new family member can be lots of fun.
Theme: Accepting new family members

A Big Change
The dogs arrive at the Day School to find it empty! A water pipe burst over the weekend and everything has been taken away to be dried. At first, the dogs think they will have a boring day but they soon find they can have fun without their toys, it just takes a little creativity.
Theme: Using your imagination