Brazil with Laura


Laura, ten, lives in Rio di Janeiro. On a walk in the city streets, she shows us the luxurious green vegetation of her country due to the hot and humid climate. Laura lives to ride horses and whenever she has a chance she does. Today, her mother Sonia is taking her to a riding lesson. Together, they will eat a local dish, the fejoada, a spicy stew Laura loves. In the afternoon, they will go on an educational walk through Rio. In front of the national assembly and the old imperial palace, Laura tells us the story of her country. Laura and her mother then visit the Niteroi, the famous Brazilian art museum and take advantage of the excursion to admire the favorite tourist spot, Corcovado or the Sugar Loaf Mountain. Back home, Laura hurries to finish her homework so that she can go to the beach. She loves watching the surfers on the waves but her favorite sport is volleyball. The afternoon is almost over and Laura must get ready for Carnival. She wants to encourage the samba dancers who will parade at the Sambodrome. She has no intention of missing it! Laura is still too young but she also wants to join the parade some day!