Bossy Boots/Rosie's Gift/The Runaround/Something's Fishy


Bossy Boots
Pedro volunteers to be the daycare monitor and help everyone remember to put their toys away. He’s good at it at first, but he’s so determined to keep everything neat and tidy that he soon starts making silly rules. No taking out more than one toy at a time. No running, in case you bump into something and knock it over, not painting or puddle jumping etc. The dogs rebel – they were supposed to keep the place tidy but with all Pedro’s rules they can’t do anything! Pedro realizes he’s gone too far and they all decide to remember to tidy up after themselves.
Theme: Cleaning up and respecting others

Rosie's Gift
Rosie is doing spring cleaning when a bunch of balloons arrive with a Happy Birthday greeting and the dogs realize it’s her birthday! They rack their brains thinking of the perfect gift for her but everything they think of, backfires. Finally, Suki suggests they make music for her as they are sure she loves music. They get the idea to recycle all the stuff Rosie she has gathered in her ‘junk’ pile during her spring cleaning for use as instruments. With Lili has conductor, they succeed in putting together a lovely musical piece. Rosie loves it, not only for the great music, but because all the instruments are recycled. She says it’s the perfect gift.
Theme: Recycling put to good use.

The Runaround
Lili “borrows” Lucas’s favourite toy, his super bouncy ball, and promises herself she’ll put it back in his cubby before he arrives at daycare. While she’s playing with it, however, the ball ends up lost. When Lucas finally arrives, Lili, wracked with guilt, is in a panic to try and find the ball and put it back before Lucas knows it’s missing, while, at the same time, amusingly trying to distract Lucas every time she thinks he wants to play with his ball. Gradually, getting more and more tired—it’s tough to keep pace with Lucas—she admits that she took his ball without asking.
Theme: Telling the truth and not feeling guilty.

Something's Fishy
The dogs come back from their walk to find that the fish bowl is empty! They immediately assume Lois the cat is the culprit. Suki convinces them to talk to Lois and ask her if she knows anything about the missing Fish. But they refuse to listen. They head out to the back yard with plans to catch Lois and get Fish back. But they can’t find her. When they return, they find that Fish is back in his bowl - a new, bigger bowl! Rosie tells them that she got a bigger fish bowl for Fish and had taken him out to transfer him to his new bowl. They realize Suki was right – they shouldn’t have blamed Lois - and all of them are sorry for the way they behaved. They head back out and apologize to Lois who has no idea why they are being so nice to her!
Theme: Do not judge before you know the facts.