Beverly in Malta


Beverly is twelve years old. She love sea baths, fishing and lace. Her mother, a professor of lace making, has handed down to her daughter the love of lace. Today, Beverly wants to try for herself. She wants to make something for her best friend. But is the weekend and Beverly also wants to play with her family. She goes on an excursion to Gozo to admire the scenery, jumps off the rocks and fish something for dinner. Beverly has an artist’s soul and she often visits the local glass blowers to see them at work. Twice a week, she goes to dance and acting lessons and prepares a show for the end of the year. So many activities leave her very little time for her lace project but Beverly wants to succeed. It’s true that it takes a lot of patience and talent to make a work of art with string and a needle. Luckily, this art form, which was born according to legend from a love story, is very popular in Malta and Beverly has plenty of lace makers to help her and advise her!