Best a Dragon Can Be


After watching Alligator play bongos, Dragon realizes Alligator is the best bongo player around. Come to think of it, all his friends are the best at something. Ostrich is the best super hero, Beaver the best builder, and Mailmouse knows just about everything. Dragon wonders what is the one thing that would really set him apart. He tries being the best backwards walker and the best at not making a sound. When that doesn’t give much of a result Dragon decides that he needs to be the best at doing something useful, like being the best picker-upper. But that turns out to be very tiring. Dragon finally decides that he should be the best at something he likes to do, like wiggle. So he wiggles as he plays a wiggly string game with Cat, and he wiggles himself a nice wiggly drawing and he wiggles down some nice wiggly spaghetti. Dragon is so happy at how well he wiggles, he invites his friends over to see for themselves. They are quite amazed by Dragon’s wiggly manner, but they start to wonder why he’s wiggling like that in the first place. Dragon explains that he wanted to be the best at something and so he chose wiggling. But his friends agree on another thing Dragon is the best at: making them laugh and being a good friend!