Banda And Mata (Central African Republic) & Telkon (Melanesia)


Banda And Mat: They are Baka pygmies and live in the thick equatorial forest of Central Africa. The time has come for them to leave childhood. To become a man, they must learn to gather honey by climbing 35 meter trees with only a vine attached across their waist. A Baka is prepared to risk his life to find a beehive. To learn how to do this, the youngsters watch their elders very closely before they try themeselves to pick the “nectar of life”.

Telkon: He lives on a remote part of the South Pacific, on Pentecost Island. The men of the village of Bundlap, jump into the void from a huge tower called the «Gaul», held only by knotted vines around their ankles. Here, children dream of making their first jump, synonymous with their becoming a man. This year, Telkon, will jump for the first time. With the other children of the village, he must help build the tower and choose the vines that will accompany him in his jump.