Baby Blues


A new child has been born to Gwaiyum and all the family is excited, except for Widi. When the baby is born, she is not given a name because she will not stop crying. Then her eyes land on Widi’s warrior doll, she stops abruptly and breaks into a wide smile. The parents ask Widi to give the doll to her, but he refuses. Eagle tells him the story about when the Great Spirit was angry with the people for taking from the land and giving nothing in return, so he caused a great drought. Everyone was worried, but a little girl, Agas, knew what to do. She offered her most prized possession  to the Great Spirit, the doll her late father had given to her, to ask for rain. The Great Spirit was pleased, and the rains returned. Widi decides to make his new sister happy and to help the people of the village by giving her his doll.