Argentina with Gala


Vacation time has come round once again for Gala. She’s 10 and lives in Buenos Aires in Argentina. It’s not quite time for the family to head off, but everyone’s already in vacation mode. There are the tango lessons with her stepfather, shopping trips downtown with her mother and a soccer game with her cousin at the River Plate stadium. All in all, it’s a very hectic day, and passes by as quick as a flash! The following day, it’s finally time to head off to the family’s house in the country. They call it “The Tiger”. The trip is always filled with adventure, as the house is built right at the edge of a river delta and the only way in or out is by boat. Even the local store where her mother stocks up on supplies is on a barge. They’re off to do their shopping as soon as they arrive. They have to buy everything they need for an “asado” – it’s the Argentinean version of a BBQ and it’s always on the menu for the first breakfast of the vacation.