Animal Treasure


Some animals have always fascinated men and aroused their interest for the treasures they inherently possess. They are the most expensive and rarest animals on the planet, true jewels of nature. What makes these species so special and different from other animals is what we intend to discover.

ANIMAL TREASURE is a modern investigative series on the past, present and future of these endangered animals which are the pride of the luxury industry. Follow us into the exclusive world of wealth and glamour, and discover the inside story of how animals are transformed into gold by renowned designers and manufacturers such as Christian Dior, Chanel, Petrossian, Loro Piana, Cartier, and Hermès.

We will visit the factories, the private collections, and the luxury boutiques of these world famous brands to understand how best to ensure the protection of such animals, when international businesses have so much at stake in their exploitation as well as in their survival.